Rosacea Gel

Apothespa SKU: RG52
Rosacea Gel

Rosacea Gel

Apothespa SKU: RG52

Rosacea, the so called the Celtic curse typically affects men and women in their mid 40’s onwards of fair complexion and blue eyes. 

Symptoms can be mild or severe and include sensitivity, redness, and small tiny bumps under the skin. The nose may become very inflamed and gritty eyes are also often a symptom which people do not necessarily connect with rosacea.

Rosacea will come and go of its own accord and may be triggered by wind, sun, stress, coffee, alcohol and more.

Specific causes are unknown, hence no cure. Our products are designed to help you manage this condition, unfortunately we cannot cure it!

Both rosacea products we offer are light and easily applied. The gel is best when skin is inflamed and red, with the lotion being best for dry skin caused by rosacea. The rosacea products also work well layered, with the gel under the lotion.

Both are excellent and receive brilliant feedback from customers. Both products have been formulated by Lisa the owner who suffers from mild rosacea herself.

Both rosacea products are rich in anti oxidants and include green tea, liquorice root, vitamin C.  High levels of anti oxidants work to increase cell renewal and this is the key to imporving rosacea symptoms.

Rosacea skin care is best kept simple.

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