Our Green Credentials


Our packaging is minimalistic and we use materials (mainly glass and aluminium) which are either reusable or recyclable.

Glass jars can be returned to one of our stores and we will reuse them. Glass bottles we cannot clean and sterilise sufficiently to reuse, so these should be recycled through your home recycling facilities.

Lids are mostly aluminium and these should be recycled.

We only use PET plastic.

PET plastic, unlike PVC is fully recyclable and if it is put in landfill degrades without leaching any chemicals into the soil.

The lightweight nature of PET means there are low environmental transport costs and the durability of the bottle lends itself to many types of uses. The energy used in recycling a PET plastic bottle is about 1/10 of the energy used in recycling a plastic bottle.

For our shampoos, hand & body washes and foaming baths we use PET plastic. This is 100% recyclable. We use plastic for safety reasons, because we feel glass in the shower and bathroom environment is not safe if dropped or knocked.

You can return all your packaging to Apothespa and we will reuse what we can. What is not reused is recycled using a zero to landfill local recycling company.

Not tested on Animals / Vegan friendly

None of our products are tested on animals. The company owner is a lifelong vegetarian. Most of Apothespa's products are Vegan, a few containing honey or beeswax are vegetarian. We are registered with PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (www.peta.org).  

Small Batch Manufacture

means fresh products made with pure essential oils, absolutes and organic & natural skin food ingredients. 

Apothespa is an independent Devon based business, built from a kitchen table start up with genuine passion to offer authentic organic & natural skincare.

Described as 'An honest, authentic, genuine small business offering affordable skincare'.