About Apothespa

Apothespa was founded as Aromatika was founded in 2006 by its owner and Managing Director Lisa Hosking. Aromatika (now Apothespa) and the Devon Soap Company have been built from the ground up, starting life as a true Devon based cottage industry. 

Apothespa is

  • Organic & Natural
  • Hand Made in Devon
  • Mostly Vegan (and all vegetarian friendly)
  • Not Tested on Animals - registered with PETA (against animal testing)

Lisa is a qualified aromatherapist and also lifelong vegetarian, with Apothespa being registered with PETA. All products are Vegetarian, with most being Vegan friendly.

All our products are hand made in small batches, hand potted and hand labelled, meaning the product you purchase, is truly hand made in Devon and could not be fresher. True hand made cosmetics, made with care, knowledge and a passion for what we do - just like eating food prepared by the best chef - once you have eaten amazing food or used fabulous hand made cosmetics using beautiful essential oils and no artificial fragrances, why use anything else?

We're passionate about what we do and for those people with skin complaints or sensitive skin who we are able to help in a small way, we are so very pleased to make a difference, even a small one. When skin suffers life can be a misery!

Apothespa is a small independent British business and we care about what we do. Apothespa employs around a dozen staff in roles such as Beauty Consultants, Beauty Therapists, Production Assistants and more. We are a successful growing small business so please do follow us on Facebook to keep in touch with developments. 

Very best wishes Lisa x