Something for the Gentleman? Even the bearded ones!

by Lisa Hosking

We are often asked "do you have a men's range?"

While we do not have products, which are specifically aimed at men or women, many are especially good for the Men to try.

A good example happened on Saturday in our Glastonbury shop. A gentleman came in looking for beard oil, again we did not have a specific beard oil but Simon steered him towards the Bergamot, Juniper & Orange Body Oil. The gentleman tried it, loved it and promptly bought a large bottle, vowing to be back.

Simon, quite hirsute himself, also tried it, also loved it and has now started using the oil to soften his beard.

We've put together a little "Gentleman's grooming set" (pictured) which includes:

Other great products for men include:

  • Tired muscle super soak
  • Fabulous foot cream
  • Hemp body butter
  • Geranium and orange shampoo
  • May chang soap
  • ....and many more!