Word of mouth spreading about Ginger & Juniper Joint Cream

by Lisa Hosking

Bill and Janet from Exmouth came into our Honiton shop today, searching for our Ginger & Juniper Joint Cream.

Janet said "I tried my sister-in-laws cream and just had to come in and get some for myself."

Bill added "Janet put some on her knee yesterday and it has already made a difference."

Janet concluded "I even slept better last night, so couldn't wait to get some."

This is great to hear and it seems like lots of people have been talking about our Joint Cream in Honiton, as we have quite a few people coming in and buying after being recommended by a friend.

The cream contains five active ingredients ( ginger, juniper, arnica, rosemary and lavender) which work together to alleviate muscle ache, pain and even help the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. 

For anyone who can't get to one of our shops, you can always buy online, just click here.