Vegan skincare is as important as what you eat!

by Lisa Hosking

Veganuary is nearly over for another year, with lots of people trying vegan food for the first time ever. Bakeries have been selling out of vegan sausage rolls, chefs have been creating new menus and supermarkets have been jumping on the bandwagon.

Veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise in the UK estimates vary but one report commissioned by Compare the Market estimated that as many as 7% of the UK population is now vegan. Even if this figure is too high the number of celebrity vegans such as Brad Pitt, Madonna, Benedict Cumberbatch and Ariana Grande, added to the top vegan sportspeople such as Lewis Hamilton, Serena Williams and Jermaine Defoe, will surely only lead to more UK people turning vegan or vegetarian.

For many vegans or vegetarians their reasons for their choice are about two main factors; unnecessary cruelty to animals and a healthier lifestyle choice. So, if watching what you eat is important, isn't what you put onto your skin (the largest organ in the human body) every bit as important?

Your skin will absorb what you put onto it, so checking what is in your moisturiser, hand cream, shampoo or soap could be just as relevant as what you have for dinner.

This is one of the main reasons that Lisa Hosking, a lifelong vegetarian, started Aromatika – Organic & Natural Skincare back in 2006.

Lisa started to make her own products and soon found that other people wanted them too. Aromatika now has shops, spas and a retail website selling all over the world.

All the products are still handmade by Lisa using natural ingredients from her base in Devon. All the Aromatika range is vegetarian and the vast majority are vegan (a few contain ethical sourced beeswax). They have also been approved by PETA as being Cruelty Free, as none of them are tested on animals.

Lisa said “We have seen a distinct rise in the number of customers who are interested in or lead by their vegetarianism and veganism. There has definitely been an increase in recent years in vegans coming into our shops.”

Nikki Good, a regular customer of Aromatika, stated “We love the fact that not only is Aromatika beautiful for our skin but we know that they are vegan or vegetarian and cruelty free.”

It seems that for one customer at least there is a direct correlation between buying vegan and happiness, perhaps that is why there are so more vegans than ever before.

To view the Aromatika vegan range (please remember that all products are cruelty free and vegetarian) please click here.