Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis or Sensitive Skin? We might have a product which can help...

by Lisa Hosking

Do you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or sensitive skin?

Do you know someone else who does?

We have a lot of customers who find our face creams, body moisturisers, shampoos and body washes are making a difference.

Aromatika products are hand made using natural and organic ingredients and therefore they don't include many of the chemicals which cause irritation for sensitive skin.

One lady who found that our products helped, told us all about it. 

Babs from Bristol visited our shop in Dartmouth when down on holiday with her husband. She spotted one of our signs about a cream for eczema and psoriasis and hoped it would help with a patch on the back of her neck. After trying a little on her hand, she decided to take a pot of the Lavender & Calendula Body Butter home with her.

Babs said "I'm absolutely delighted and relieved that after using the cream, that the rash has continued to improve and my back has ceased to itch and the skin feels smoother. I have also started using it as a hand cream at night and have noticed an improvement not only in the condition of my hands but also my cuticles are smooth too!! Not only does it smell divine....the consistency is great."

She went on to say "My husband is even using it for a rash on his legs and other members of the family. Everybody loves it!"

We are delighted that the cream has made a difference to Babs and other members of her family.

However please do remember if you have any skin conditions, please do consult your GP first. Also our creams are no cures but can help the skin and body to help itself, we also find that not everyone has the same success and different creams work for different people. So, if possible, we would recommend popping into one of our shops to try some of the cream before you buy.

If you do have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or sensitive skin, some products which might help (please contact us to chat about it) include