Competition Winner from Washington State, USA Loves Aromatika!

by Lisa Hosking

"Thank you for creating such a superior product! You now have a lifelong customer!" quote from Rachel Ziefle.

Every month in our shops we run a little competition for people who buy something, if they give us their name and email address we enter them into our monthly prize draw to a £50 Gift Voucher.

The winner drawn last month was Rachel Ziefle, who was visiting the UK and is from the Pacific North West part of Washington State, USA.

We emailed Rachel asking if we could post a news story about her winning and if we could have a photo and this is what she said...

"I know you didn’t ask for a testimonial, but I just had to write one up for all of you wonderful people who are apart of making such wonderful products."

Rachel went on to say "The Lavender Oil I purchased at the store has completely cleared up my perioral dermatitis! A year ago I was very stressed because of my new teaching position and started getting flare-ups of this horrible rash. First, it was on my chin, then it would clear up and show up around my nostrils, then under my eyes, and then between my eyebrows. I read lavender helps so I purchased an organic and locally made lavender face wash and toner."

Rachel continued "After two weeks of using the wash and toner daily only half of the perioral dermatitis cleared up. In fact, the reason I bought the Lavender Oil at Aromatika was for a large flare up I got during our holiday to the English countryside. That night, after washing my face and applying my toner, I rubbed in the Lavender Oil on my perioral dermatitis. Miraculously the next morning it was GONE! Completely gone! My face looked as if I had never battled with this rash for a year. A month later, I have been using it every night and the perioral dermatitis has never been seen again!"

"Thank you for creating such a superior product! You now have a lifelong customer!"

Rachel went on to tell us a little about herself "Greetings! My name is Rachel Ziefle. I am an American primary teacher—I teach Kindergarten (5-6 year olds) and LOVE it! My husband and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Washington State. My husband is also a teacher so summers are one big holiday for us! We like to hike the gorgeous mountains that surround us and we like to travel, especially to Europe. When we are not adventuring we are throwing dinner parties and slowly renovating our home!"

Thank you for your lovely comments Rachel and we are delighted you love our products, all those many thousands of miles away in the USA. Rachel is one of many customers in the USA and other countries who love Aromatika and continue to order online.